Joseph Cadicina, Morristown Family Lawyer

Can one parent force the other to pay for some or all of their children's college-related costs?

Can the custodial parent move out of the state with the children without the other's permission?

Do you ever give your clients a reality check when it comes to who is “at fault” or “what is fair”?

How does divorce mediation work?

How is child support determined in the state of New Jersey?

If the children split their time between two homes, is it always 50-50?

In cases where one spouse has a professional practice, will that practice be divided on divorce?

What advice would you give to people who are concerned about getting their fair share?

What are the different types of alimony available in New Jersey?

What are the rules regarding the division of assets during a divorce in New Jersey?

What happens to child support if the payor dies or has to stop work because of illness or injury?


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